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Name: Mark Taylor
Age: 42
Years Fishing: 35
Position in UKLF: Co-founder / Editor for FB page / Product reviews
Favorite Target Species: Perch / Pike / Wrasse / Scorpion Fish

Competency: -

Most memorable catch: The first time I catch any species is memorable and I also remember the 30cm pike I caught in the last 10 minutes of the BLAC qualifier that took me to the final at Chew...but if I had to pick one it would be my first pike, which was also my first lure-caught fish. The icing on the cake was that I wrote an article about its capture and Chris Yates published it in Waterlog magazine. In reality though, many of my most memorable catches weren’t mine at all – they were my young sons. I love seeing the proud look on their faces when they catch something they think is amazing.

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Name: Dave Harper
Age: 45
Years Fishing: 35
Sponsors: Nice Fish!, Costa del mar
Position in UKLF: Founder of UKLF / Editor for FB page / Web master
Favorite Target Species: Perch / Pike / Trout / Wrasse

Competency: Experienced in freshwater lure fishing on canals, lakes, rivers and chalk streams. I like to use a range of lures from tiny soft plastics for small game to large jerk baits for pike. I really enjoy targeting my favorite freshwater species which is the perch on a texas rigged soft plastic amongst cover and snaggy areas.

Most memorable catch: My most memorable catch would have to be the cod that I caught in Novemebr 2017, that fish allowed me to take 1st place in the Northney marina Cod competition, competiting against 146 anglers on 17 boats. It was a great buzz.

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